Catalan Sausage
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Catalan Sausage

  The weight of whole package is 1.5 lbs.
  Each package contains 1 large sausage
  Approximately between 4 and 5 servings
  Manufacturer: La Española Meats
  Produced in USA
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Catalan Sausage

The Catalan Sausage is a thick sausage created in the best Catalan style and made with pork, spices and pepper. Many places in Catalonia produce Catalan sausage as one of their traditional products, which have a range of sausages from black, white, liver, tongue, with onions and pine nuts, among others.

Along the Mediterranean coast we find several different ways of making an excellent Catalan sausage ideal for grilling, with eggs and different stews and rice. The Catalan Sausage is a special sausage that comes in packs of 4 with a unique taste and texture.

The Catalan Sausage White is one of the most popular meats consumed at homes for its softness, its easy way to suit all tastes and palates, as well as for the noble way it is produced. The Catalan sausage is made with minced pork with the noblest meat, which makes this a very popular food among all ages.

There are mainly two types of Catalan sausage: raw or fresh that needs to be cooked and are served whole, and white that are already cooked and usually served in slices. The Catalan Sausage White is one of those previously cooked, presented in packs of 4 and needs no preparation before serving. Many users don’t even need it to be heated, and is usually tasted sliced, though it may be included with a good reputation in main dishes, stews and omelets.

Since it is common to see people confuse the sausages with black pudding, it is not uncalled to make clear that this is a mistake and a far greater one if it’s about the Catalan Sausage because the latter contains no blood in its preparation.
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