Mangalica Ham

Mangalica Ham is a delicious tasting Spanish ham, completely natural, perfect for all types of diet. This High-quality ham is rich in proteins with multiple nutritional qualities. Possessing large amounts of B vitamins and large doses of iron and zinc, which are essential in our body, Mangalica ham is recommended for a healthy balanced diet.
Elaborated from the Mangalica pig, who shares its origins with the Iberian pig (Mediterranean Trunk), is considered an animal with optimum qualities for making slow healing hams. Exquisite delicacy with very good acceptance, the Mangalica Ham is a different product, with its own flavor, which merges extraordinary raw materials and tradition.
Iberico Ham Mangalica

Iberico Ham Mangalica

Iberico Ham Mangalica is a cured product of the highest quality, it is obtained from the hind legs of Mangalica breed pig and bred on wheat, corn and grasses. Mangalica pig shares its origins with the Iberian pig; therefore, its meat is the result of a slow, long and careful healing process, which offers a ham of an extraordinary quality and a special taste as it is Iberico Ham Mangalica.

Furthermore, Iberico Ham Mangalica is a different and unique product, since it is extremely soft and of an exquisite flavor, due to the long healing process that sets the special conditions for getting this intense and distinctive flavor. Iberico Ham Mangalica is quite similar to hams obtained from Iberian black pig due to its meat and a delicious sweet meat. Iberico Ham Mangalica comes from the Hungarian breed pig called Mangalica.

Manufacturer: Monte Nevado.
Origin: Segovia, Spain

Iberico Ham Mangalica
Iberico Ham Mangalica Boneless

Iberico Ham Mangalica Boneless

It gives us the great pleasure to offer you the opportunity of tasting the Spanish ham Mangalica since it is appetizing and fatty, quite similar to hams obtained from Iberian black pig. Iberico Ham Mangalica Boneless is a cured product of the highest quality as well as unique for containing very exceptional and attractive features. Furthermore, Mangalica pig comes from a Hungarian breed, which has long, thick hair; hence, all products under this name are authentic delicacies due to its genetic f

Iberico Ham Mangalica Boneless
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