Iberico Ham Blázquez Boneless
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Iberico Ham Blázquez Boneless

  The average weight of ham is 6.5 lbs.
  From 50% purebred black Iberian pigs
  Iberico ham cured for 24 months
  Diet of cereal, grain and wild plants
  Approximately between 35 and 45 servings
  90% harnessing depending on the cut
  Reduces bad cholesterol, regulates good cholesterol
  Rich in monounsaturated acids and oleic oil
  Iberico ham low in calories
  Manufacturer: Jamones Blázquez
  Produced in Guijuelo, Salamanca, Spain
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Iberico Ham Blázquez Boneless

Iberico Ham Blázquez Boneless is an exquisite product made from the hind limb of the Iberian pig bred in the pastures of the Iberian Peninsula. This is a handmade product with a quality capable of doing the delights of the most demanding gourmets.


Each Iberico ham Blázquez Boneless preserves its own personality throughout the demanding, carefully monitored process of individually supervised preparation and curing. Blázquez’s methods upholds maximum quality through each phase of the product cycle guaranteeing that each mouthful offers the palate an authentic, unique experience in its aspect, texture, aroma and flavor.

Blázquez’s continuous development over many years has guaranteed their place in the increasingly demanding worlds of elite Gastronomy and Haute Cuisine, where Blázquez have sought to leave their mark. Which is why Blázquez evokes sublime sensations with our premium line of products whose unique character and exceptional nature are acknowledged by foremost food critics.

Throughout almost 90-year of the Blázquez brand history, over four passionately devoted generations, our company and the Blázquez family name have created a gastronomic masterpiece evoking quality, confidence and a committed attention to the most demanding details.

Manufacturer: Jamones Blázquez
Origin: Guijuelo, Salamanca (Spain)
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““Magnificent!!! I’ve bought some others hams much more expensive than this Blazquez boneless like Mangalica and monte Nevado and any of them surpass this one in taste, smell and quality. Besides as it is boneless cut is easier.””
Abraham Jay, Ontario. California

“Easy to cut, very fast delivery and delicious taste. What more could you want!!”
Gloria Hz, Destin, Florida

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