Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless
Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless Cut DetailsIberico Ham Fermín Boneless Cut Details

Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless

  The average weight of ham is 7 lbs. to 8 lbs.
  From 100% purebred black Iberian pigs
  Iberico ham cured for 24 months
  Diet of cereals and other wild plants pigs
  Approximately between 25 and 35 servings
  95% harnessing depending on the cut
  Reduces bad cholesterol, regulates good cholesterol
  Reduce el colesterol malo, regula colesterol bueno
  Rich in monounsaturated acids and oleic oil
  Produced in Alberca, Salamanca, Spain
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Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless

Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless, with an exquisite taste, is famous all over the world for its quality and nutritional properties. Just like all kinds of Iberico Hams is a gift for the most discerning palate and is available currently in the U.S. Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless is a very good choice if what you like is a top quality guaranteed product. Originally, from La Alberca, Salamanca, Spain; it is got from pure breed Iberian black pigs. This meat, rich in mono unsaturated and oleic oil is ideal for keeping low cholesterol levels.

Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless is produced with the hind legs of the black Iberian pigs, which is unique in the world because in their muscles are produced unsaturated fat infiltration. Selected from their own characteristics that demonstrate the purity of the breed, these pigs are fed on high quality grain, with an extended breeding regime in which they enjoy of freedom at the pastureland of La Alberca, Salamanca, Spain.

The quality of the Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless is the result of the perfect combination among factors such as breeding purity, breeding regime, feeding, the making process as well as the healing that is extended up to 24 months. There are marked differences between the Iberico Ham Boneless Fermin and the Iberico Ham de Bellota Fermin boneless due to the process of breeding and feeding of pigs. Even though the quality of the animal is the same, feeding makes the difference in taste, aroma and texture, this makes of each product a dish with a particularly exquisite flavor but above all quality.

The elaboration process of the Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless is slow and laborious, it can last up to 24 months, it is carried out in five stages or phases: the selection and reception of the raw material, salting and washing, settling, drying and maturation and aging or warehouse. Throughout this process it is very important the “ Maestro Jamonero¨ role, so he controls the duration of each stage taking into account the characteristics of each ham piece and following ancient tradition, giving the necessary care in order to get a top quality guaranteed product like this Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless. Inside the Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless and during the making process occurs a progressive dehydration of the product due to the salt penetration. The processor applies salt and creates the suitable conditions and the external environment to produce transformation of certain substances typical of ham (fat and protein) by means of complex biochemical mechanisms.

The balance between the internal distribution of salt, the outside temperature, grease, moisture loss and time, are responsible for turning the piece of the Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless into a very special flavor that you will never forget.

Ingredients: Iberian black pork, salt, seasoning (sugar, sodium citrate, potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate). Does not contain gluten.

Manufacturer: Embutidos Fermín.
Origin: Alberca, Salamanca, Spain

Note: USDA Inspected

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Tips for consumption and conservation of Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless

The boneless ham is the most used for exporting from Spain, mainly due to the ease it provides for cutting by means of a machine. Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless is
Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless Cut Photo 1
prepared in the same way that the Iberico Ham by Fermin, although, at the end of the ripening process and before packaging, it is taken off the bone. If the Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless is not already peeled and trimmed, it should be done prior to its mechanical cutting. The trimming should be superficial so that always remain enough fat layer for protecting the lean.

Place the iberico ham in a cool, dry place. It is recommended to put this Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless on a tray to collect the fat that can come off and cove it with a clean cloth or paper towel.
Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless Cut Photo 2
Do not cover with plastic or foil because it could go moldy due to the lack of perspiration. Help yourself with a board and a sharp knife to cut slices of the Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless. Cut only the amount to be consumed. Once the first cut of the iberico ham is made, use a slice of the ham or preferably the top layer of fat to cover the cut surface, this prevents dryness and loss of flavor, also contributes to the preservation and quality of the ham for a longer period of time.

During the cutting process, the Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless has characteristic white streaks. Usually small white dots appear resulting from the crystallization of an amino acid called tyrosine, this is a sign of quality and confirms the low
Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless Cut Photo 3
salt content and slow natural healing in the warehouse, but also a sign of quality and excellence of the Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless. Never freeze the cut slices during the conservation process. Fermin Iberico Ham Boneless is always consumed at room temperature because cold alter or makes disappear aromas and flavors. Freeze means additionally introducing water into the fibers of the structure of the slice, water expands into the freezing process, and may occur physical changes to the meat of the Iberico Ham Boneless by Fermín.

To keep the iberico ham fresh is also recommended to smear over the cutting parts either with the grease of ham or olive oil to prevent the salt come off the surface.

If you want to know more about this product, do not hesitate to contact the Master “Jamonero” Francisco Carrasco: Phone: (786) 237-9055, Email: info@ham-cheese-wine.com

Why to choose an Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless?

The unique quality of an Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless is the result of alchemy and the ¨Maestro Jamonero¨ experience and due to the meticulous selection of the pure breed Iberian pigs,
Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless Pig Photo 1
reared in the pasturelands and fed on high quality grains. To do this, the ¨Maestro Jamonero¨ is responsible for choosing those pieces that meet all the organoleptic qualities, also for processing and treating each piece according to size and fat content. That´s why the Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless is a top quality and guaranteed product. While the Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless is like the Iberico Ham bone in by Fermín this product comes with a different presentation that makes handling easier for cutting either manually or mechanically.

Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless is characterized by the fat of Iberian pigs that are fed mainly with high quality cereals and has about 50% of oleic acid (monounsaturated).
Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless Pig Photo 2
According to strict scientific researches, these fats produce a beneficial effect on cholesterol in blood by increasing the rate of beneficial cholesterol (HDL) and reducing the rate of the harmful cholesterol (LDL). Only virgin olive oil has a higher oleic acid content. The total proportion of unsaturated fatty acids in the fat of the cured products of the Iberian pork is around 70%, this makes it the healthiest cardiovascular fat among all animal fats, even healthier than some fats obtained from plants. The merit is not only because of the pig´s race but also for the feeding based on cereals, acorns and grass that are the main foods provided to pigs.

In addition to its beneficial effect on cholesterol, Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless provides proteins, vitamins B1, B6, B12 and folic acid, very beneficial for the nervous system and brain function.
Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless Pig Photo 3
It is also rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, and in minerals such as copper, essential for bone and cartilage, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium, the latter closely linked to anti-aging processes. Concerning calories, 100 grams of ham bring something less than 250 kcal (more or less as bread), so consumption of Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless do not damage to low calorie diets. It is also an excellent substitute for red meat; 100 grams of ham contain 43 grams of protein.

The iberico ham designation has also obtained the recognition of the EU as a Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG) and entered in the Register by that name by Regulation 2419/1999.
Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless Factory Photo 1
This product has been recognized as the first Traditional Specialty Guarantee of the Spanish food industry. Iberico Ham Fermín Boneless as a Spanish traditional dish is considered a product of the highest food quality. The company “Embutidos y Jamones Fermín” is a unique project founded in 1956, with a long tradition of knowledge that has been transferred from generation to generation and has managed to become the first farm for selecting the pure black Iberian pig, where these animals find food that helps them to achieve the quality of their products.

FERMÍN brand with a tradition of more than half a century, exporting its products to many countries imposes their production quality and style of work that has provided countless awards, as well as the award for "Best Spanish Food Company "in 2006.

If you want to know more about this product, please contact the ¨Maestro Jamonero¨ Francisco Carrasco: Phone: (786) 237-9055, Email: info@ham-cheese-wine.com

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