Semisoft Iberico Sausage (Sobrasada)
Semisoft Iberico Sausage (Sobrasada) Fermín Details 5Semisoft Iberico Sausage (Sobrasada) Fermín Details 5 Semisoft Iberico Sausage (Sobrasada) Fermín Details 2Semisoft Iberico Sausage (Sobrasada) Fermín Details 2 Semisoft Iberico Sausage (Sobrasada) Fermín Details 3Semisoft Iberico Sausage (Sobrasada) Fermín Details 3 Semisoft Iberico Sausage (Sobrasada) Fermín Details 4Semisoft Iberico Sausage (Sobrasada) Fermín Details 4
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Semisoft Iberico Sausage (Sobrasada)

The Chorizo ​​Semi-soft (Sobrasada), is a delicious sausage characteristic of Mallorca Spain, is particularly appreciated for its smooth texture. Made from lean pork meat and seasoned with salt, garlic, olive oil and sweet paprika, it is special to eat with bread toast and cheese.

Each family and people made their own recipe based on their customs and peculiarities to be a product of slaughter. However, there are specific characteristics regulated by the Specific Denomination: 30 - 60% lean meat for 40% -70% bacon, 20-30 grams of salt per kilo of pasta, 60 grams of paprika per kilo, and spicy pepper or other spices to suit each one.

A higher level of fat is easier to spread and less intense flavor, so traditional sobrasadas are usually less greasy and those dedicated to export more fats, since the foreign consumer usually appreciates the ease of smearing. The color is natural, since the Denomination of Origin expressly prohibits the use of artificial colors.
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