Iberico Ham Shoulder Montaraz
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Iberico Ham Shoulder Montaraz

  The average weight of ham is 11 lbs.
  From 100% purebred black Iberian pigs
  Iberico Shoulder cured for 24 months
  Diet of cereals and other wild plants pigs
  Approximately between 20 and 25 servings
  65% harnessing depending on the cut
  Reduces bad cholesterol, regulates good cholesterol
  Rich in monounsaturated acids and oleic oil
  Produced in Salamanca, Spain
  Manufacturer: Montaraz
  USDA Inspected
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Iberico Ham Shoulder Montaraz

Introducing the Iberico Shoulder by Montaraz: An Iberico Shoulder de Bellota Montaraz gives you the indescribable pleasure of going into the wonderful world of the Spanish Iberico Ham. With a nice nutty flavor, this Iberico Shoulder Montaraz delights the most demanding palates. Furthermore, it is suitable to any diet for having many benefits to your health.

The Iberico Shoulder Montaraz is a pure Spanish ham. It is obtained from the front leg of the Iberian black pig this animal is a native of the Iberian Peninsula, which brought up with traditional farming methods in harmony with the environment, this Iberico Shoulder Montaraz will let you enjoy of one of the traditional and emblematic flavors of Spain, now from the U.S. With wonderful organoleptic features, is a cardio healthy food par excellence, it fits any type of diet for being a low-calorie food, with an intense and complex flavor as well as an aroma and gourmet that you will never forget.

The quality of the Iberico Shoulder Montaraz depends on the selection of purebred Iberian black pigs, the extensive breeding regime in the pasturelands where they can move freely, also feeding and healing which usually lasts up to 24 months. This Iberico Shoulder Montaraz distinguishes from the rest by its texture, aroma and unique flavor; however, it varies depending on the quality of acorns.

Manufacturer: Montaraz
Origin: Salamanca, Spain
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