Manchego Cheese Garcia Baquero
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Manchego Cheese Garcia Baquero

García Baquero Manchego cheese has a delicious taste, creamy without being cloying, with depth without becoming repetitive. With a very special texture, it cuts well and doesn’t dry easily. It is a Spanish cheese to consume at any time and in any situation. It goes very well with almost all kinds of drinks, it's the best cheese to take as an aperitif.

García Baquero Manchego cheese, with designation of origin, is made in the region of La Mancha, from milk of Manchego sheep, with a minimum maturation period of sixty days. Among other features, it has a hard bark, pale yellow or greenish-black color, with the observable presence of cast impressions of “braided tape” type on the side surface and of "flower type” in the flats.

The mass of García Baquero Manchego cheese must have a homogeneous appearance, varying in color from white to ivory -yellow. The cut should show eyes unevenly distributed across the surface, though sometimes it can have no eyes at all. The texture is one of low elasticity, with buttery and slightly mealy feel, which can be grainy in a very mature cheese.

García Baquero Manchego cheese has a clear lactic acidified smell, an intense and persistent one that evolves to spicy nuances in those that have been cured for a long time. The flavor of this Spanish manchego cheese is slightly acidic, strong and tasty that becomes spicy in long cured cheeses. It has a nice and unique aftertaste provided by Manchego sheep's milk.

The manufacturing process of García Baquero Manchego cheese retains its traditional character, although in recent times new technologies have been integrated in the process, ensuring product quality and improving the processes that a good manchego cheese has to follow: milking and cooling of milk, coagulation and curd cutting, draining, casting, pressing, flipping, salting, drying and ripening.
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