Wooden Ham Holder ARCOS
Wooden Ham Holder ARCOS Details 2Wooden Ham Holder ARCOS Details 2 Wooden Ham Holder ARCOS Details 1Wooden Ham Holder ARCOS Details 1

Wooden Ham Holder ARCOS

  Wood Ham Holder ARCOS
  Ham Holder for Boneless Ham
  Ham Holder for Bone-in Ham
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Wooden Ham Holder ARCOS

Package Includes:
Wooden Ham Holder ARCOS
(for bone-in and boneless ham)
Peeler Ham Carving Knife ARCOS
Flexible Ham Carving Knife ARCOS

Ham is the great Spanish classic. It is a versatile product that provides many solutions.

However, one of the common problems is its support. To get all its potential to ham it should be a good ham holder that allows easy and safe cutting.

Placing the ham in the ham holder depends on the type of consumer you are going to give the piece. If you were to consume the entire piece at a time, ham hoof must face upwards, but if it is to consume several times the hoof should face down, thus begin by the narrowest part of the ham is which have less fat and thus the previously dried.
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